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The photocapture application can be used to generate screen capture just like the sniffing tool available in Windows 7 environment. Let us define the Screen layout that help you to capture screen layout of the file.

Here you can see there are three buttons.

#Take Snapshot : This option is used to take a random snapshot of the screen. This option automatically minimizes the application and allows you to take capture of the screen. You are allowed to resize the image by holding the resizer available during capture.

When you click on the link, it will provide a black screen which lets you capture the screen.

While capturing the image the application will indicate the size of the actual capture. The border will turn red when there is a pixelation of image based on the size of the image.

After you release the mouse, you will be provided with Resize Adorners, which allows you to resize and double click to take the capture. The capture will be automatically posted to the default location specified for the application.

#Browse Files : This option will let you to browse a file using File browser and allows you to choose files from the file system. These files will get opened by the application during the capture and will help you to capture a portion of the file you wanted to take capture.

When you click on this option, the application will show OpenDialogBox and allow to choose files which will be opened by the application to take capture. Once the application is closed all those files will get closed automatically.

#Options : Options let you to define various options that you might need to output the application. You can specify the options from Command line too, but more precisely this is an GUI to define options that could be used to output the capture.

There are a number of options available with the tool.

The general section allows you to define what are the files that needed to be exported. For instance you can choose, Graphic, PDF, or both. You can also choose the extension of the File exported by the application or even choose to use Watermarking or even choose unconstrained capture.
  1. Image Properties
Image properties let you define the location of the file and destination file, and even height / width of the file that is going to output from the tool.
  1. Watermarking
The Watermarking option will only be available if Use Watermarking is set. This section allows to define watermarking Text, Font, Opacity, Location etc.

Once everything is set, you should take capture to take snapshot of the actual screen.

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